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  • Determination of What Safety Data & Information are needed to make Informed Safety Decisions.
  • Methodologies for Identification of Operations & Safety Performance Indicators
  • Systematic Collection, Analysis & Data Protection Methodologies & Tools
  • Data Driven Decision Making Methodologies & Tools
  • Leading and Lagging Indicators & the Organisation’s Top Safety Risks?
  • Application & Tracking of Performance Indicators


Helping our clients to manage change and the impact it has on their safety management systems is a central part of our work.

Our clients may undergo change due to organisational expansion or contraction, changes to internal systems, processes or procedures and changes to the organization‘s operating environment. Change may affect existing safety risk mitigation strategies. It may introduce new hazards, and related safety risks.

Changes may be external to the organization or internal – such as management changes, new equipment and new procedures. 

In either case:

• Hazards must be Identified so as to Enable the Assessment & Control of any Related Safety Risks

• Safety Reviews can be Valuable Sources of Information to Support Decision-Making Processes & Manage Change Effectively